Perspectives on Spiritual, Intellectual and Pastoral Issues: Host – Lowell Qualls

January 2008 Update

First, I’m really pleased to tell you that I’m making great progress with “The Vicki Book.” This month I’ve stayed in my creative (rather than editing) mind, and it’s paid off in many pages produced.

Some have asked me if I’m working with a publisher. Not yet. I want to have the whole book finished before I go to a publishing house. I’m not concerned about making money on this project – my first book – so signing with a publisher, while it may not make financial sense, makes “distribution sense” to me. I don’t know if I’ll use a denominational publishing house, unless their distribution system is multi-faceted.

As you know, in writing the book I’m keeping two promises – each with equal weight. That is my motivation for writing “Dancing With The Healer.” I’m keeping a promise I made to Vicki and one I made to God. I believe God wants me tell her life story, and honor Him in the process.

A good friend of mine (from Liverpool, England) is helping me develop a web site that will be used exclusively to tell Vicki’s story, sell DWTH, and provide MP3s, CDs, and DVDs of her teachings and sermons.

Keep me in your prayers!

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