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After working two 20 hour shifts to make my self-imposed deadline, all I can say is, “Finally!”

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  1. Glenda Mobley said:

    Hi Lowell,
    Today I was email conversing with Jan Brecheen (now Clay) and at the end of the email, she asked me if I knew that Vicki Qualls had died. I replied that yes I knew and that after I found out (way after the fact) that I had emailed you several times. I also told her that you had remarried and that several years ago I had seen a website about how you and your wife met. anyway…said that to say this…that conversation with Jan prompted me to do a web search to find out about you. I found the beautiful, new Dancing with the Healer website as well as one of your other websites. I paid and downloaded the PDF version of Dancing with the Healer, printed it and put it in a notebook. I plan to spend part of this beautiful weekend reading it (and I am sure crying and rejoicing also). I am really looking forward to reading the book and then going back to the website and looking at all the beautiful pictures. I send special love to you, your wife and all of your family. seems like just yesterday that Tim Mobley, Brandon, Michael Mobley, and Chris were born– but it was a long time ago. I pray God’s continued blessing on your life. Glenda

  2. Lowell,
    I finished Dancing With the Healer and have recommended it to a friend of mine who had leukemia. She just went through a bone marrow transplant and is doing great. Thank you for sharing.

    It was hard for me to read. It took about a month and I’m an avid reader. It was hard because I realized that in my youth and immaturity I had idolized you’ll. Please don’t take that in a bad way, I believed at the time that it was a good thing. You and Vicki were the “Ken and Barbie” that I wanted Kenny and I to be. “The perfect couple.” Of course, now I know better.

    Dancing With the Healer revealed the “true” Lowell and Vicki to me. I still consider you my heros but now I feel that I’ve come to truly know the real you. God sent you to us for a short season as He as done with so many people in my life. I’ve also discovered that He brings them back later and I’m given an opportunity so examine how they have been instrumental in shaping and carving character and dimension into I am today. Once again, thank you. As much as I loved and admired you both then I even more thankful that I’ve been given a view of you that my youth would not nor could not have accepted. Sometimes, I think God allows us to see in pieces because we are not mature enough to see the full scale.

    I’m so happy that you have Becky. I know that I would love her immediately just as I did Vicki.

    I’m still going to “catch you up” on 1stAG. It’s just a long story and my life has been a whirl wind this year. Brandi, our oldest, shot a movie during the first 5 months and I helped her with that. She is now editing it and it will premiere at our church later this year. Brittney, our youngest is getting married October 3rd and I’m helping her. Kenny and I just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary August 3rd and I turn 50 October 17th. Crazy! I’m only supposed to be 40! lol

    I apologize that I’m just now sending you a comment but timing….

    God Bless You,
    Dejuanna Albritton

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