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The Heart of Worship

I’m Back!

After months of life-change, it’s good to sit down at the keyboard again and chill. I’ll catch you up on all the events that have transpired in my life since late July.

The most important of changes occurred in the late summer, when I resigned from Leadership Training International (LTI). After a year of wonder and awe … seeing, first hand the hunger of the world-wide Church for capable and dedicated Christian leaders … I sensed I was about to reenter pastoral ministry after a rest of 5 years!

I was invited by a dear friend to speak at a church located in Mechanicsville, Virginia – Hanover County. Just north of Richmond, M-ville has become one of the growth areas in the region. Great schools, great infrastructure, close proximity to Richmond International Airport and the city itself makes Hanover County a great place to live.

The church, Emmanuel Tabernacle Assembly of God, was dealing with the departure of its founding pastor, Dr. Walter Myers. Dr. Myers had been at ETAG since its founding … back in the late ’60s … so you can imagine the emotional drain experienced by the folks as the “church papa” bid farewell and entered retirement.

ETAG is facing a real challenge. Can it adjust to a new pastor (that’s me), a new vision (that’s being developed), and a fresh beginning? One element of change – a new name – is now on the table. It might be considered a baby-step toward a new identity in the community, and I’d appreciate your prayers. I’m thinking the new name will come out of the new vision. It should describe who we are, what we believe, and what we hope to do. Ideas? Please comment.

The people of ETAG are friendly, warm, and very generous. The building is huge, has a modern appearance and is interesting, but it needs some repairs, especially to the roof. The property is beautiful – all 14+ acres of it. The location is good … not great. I believe this church has a bright future and real possibilities! And I love the current Board members. They’re committed!

I’m extending an invitation. Come and join us in taking ETAG into God’s intended future!