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Just a short update. I’ve acquired a two-burner and a single burner stove and some utensils. We’re starting small … out of the back end of my pickup. Several opportunities have arisen to provide a supper meal to kids that receive school breakfasts and lunches, and we’re inviting their siblings and parents to join in. We’re serving something warm, nutritious and tasty (stew, chili, soup and bread), and we’ll be doing so between 5 and 6:30 PM (hopefully, before dark). Pray for us at The Bridge (, and especially the Youth Group. Our kids are going to be the preparers and servers going forward; we’re teaching our young people that the Church has no walls, and no age limitations when it comes to ministering the love and grace of Jesus! We’ll keep you posted here.

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  1. Monroe Park is open, has plenty of people who are mostly not qualified to receive any other kind of assistance, and has the space to set up any amount of equipment you could bring. Various Church groups have brought multiple grills, and set up in the park, and cooked a variety of foods, there.
    School children that are not getting a full dinner at home are not doing so because they aren’t qualified for it. If they qualify for free lunches and breakfasts, they qualify for much other assistance, as well. Any fault for them not being well fed lies with their parents.
    I would also urge you not to believe the propaganda put out by VCU, implying that the park is not a safe place to visit. This is a ploy by the University to grab the Park from the City at the lowest possible cost, nothing else. You will find, if you visit, folks that know the Bible better than many of your parishioners. It is a place full of such surprises. Please spend some time there, and find out for yourself.

    • Hi Allen, got your message. We’re not wanting to go to Monroe Park. Few children. We’re specifically targeting kids that are going to bed hungry (the ones that are anxious to get to school only for the free breakfast).

  2. Stacy Wittkamp said:

    Love your style. Meeting needs, missions and discipleship all rolled into one. Better yet…pouring into the next generation for the kingdom! Applauding your efforts friend! May God give you favor! :)

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