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A Word So Powerful

A Word So Powerful
by Lowell Qualls – February 9, 2019

God’s presence can be dreadful when a person lacks confidence.
One day I experienced a feeling of condemnation and weariness.
I was low, my head was down and my hands were at my sides
I was brokenhearted, so aware of my guilt, and feeling unforgiveable.
Heavily-burdened, I was crushed beneath an overpowering weight
That was never meant for me to own or try to carry.

I knew God’s Word.  And from my past experiences I knew Him
To be so good, always inviting me to come expecting kindness and grace.
It is true – God invites us to come with our hands reaching, our hearts open,
But on this one occasion my mind betrayed me. I thought,
“He knows me too well.  Where is my ‘hiding place?’  I am defeated.
I’ve come too often, and for the same awful reason.”

But then I heard one beautiful word, and as it penetrated my heart
It softened my hardened soul and skillfully disarmed me.
The word was totally unexpected, and His Voice sounded eager!
The word was not a rebuke or a call for repentance;
Instead, the word I didn’t know I so desperately needed
Was remarkably tender as it left God’s lips. “Welcome!”

My Lord said, “WELCOME!  I AM so glad you came into My presence.
Today, let Me restore your soul, and renew your hope,
For ‘here’ with Me is better than ‘there’ alone.
Christ the Lord said on My behalf, ‘I will never leave you or forsake you.’
David knew that ancient truth and My Holy Spirit inspired Him to write,
‘Your loving-kindness, O God, is better than life … life anywhere else.’”

That day My Father greeted me with the word He knew I needed to hear.
That day He recognized the wounds left by lies, sin and condemnation.
That day I had come into His presence with my hands at my sides.
That day my Gracious King understood my hesitation and shame,
So as He lifted my face, looked me in the eye, and kissed me on the forehead
He smiled and whispered, “Welcome, My child. Please, please come again.”

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