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These last three years have been such a huge blessing to me, having worked at Emmaus Korean United Methodist Church in Richmond, Virginia. I’ve served alongside Rev. Chul Ki Kim, a truly humble man of God, possessing a “Kingdom Mindset.” I was the English Pastor. I can’t describe how wonderful it was to get to know the Korean students that attended “Living Grace Chapel” (the name of the English Ministry), along with a smattering of “older youths” (ages 25-60+). Emmaus renovated the basement into a delightful auditorium, purchased sound and lighting equipment, built a stage, put in a new ceiling where needed, repaired and replaced flooring, etc., to the tune of over $75,000. I will miss worshipping with and preaching to Living Grace, and having fellowship with the rest of the congregation at Emmaus UMC. The friends I made will last forever … literally … and I miss them already. I’ve passed the baton and “retired” – meaning I will now wait and see what opportunities for ministry are opened by the Holy Spirit. And I’ll continue blogging whenever I feel I have something to say. Until next time …