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The Shack

I recently finished the bestselling book, The Shack (by Wm. Paul Young, published by Windblown Media, Newbury Park, CA.)

I encourage you to read it. I’m so glad I did. But …

I didn’t read it for instruction in theology, or to build on my theological foundation. I read the book for pure enjoyment, and enjoy it I did.

Without giving away the plot, I came away from my own “Shack experience” with a better understanding of myself; how I’ve tended to live with fear and weighed down by guilt. Young spoke my heart language.

If you want a peek into someone’s (Young’s) imaginative perception of God, The Shack is a good book for you.

One more thing. It’s not an “easy read” if you want to savor Young’s imagery. Take your time.

And … after you read the book, send your comments to me, or if you’ve already read it, I’d love to hear from you. You’ll make me work hard if I have to edit out any comments that contain references to the content of the book, but I’ll do that for the benefit of those who haven’t read it yet.

While you read …